how to stop a dog from eating cat poop home remedy

How To Stop A Dog From Eating Own Poop Home Remedy

Whilst eating leftovers is a dreadful habit, it is a frequent dog behaviour. This behaviour is known as coprophagia, a fancy term for eating stool. You will find natural ways to discourage this behaviour. Many times, time will address the issue. Many dogs who do this might outgrow it. But many won’t.



The simplest, most natural way to prevent coprophagia would be to pick up stool whenever they’re dropped. This is not normally a problem if you choose your puppy for walks using a handbag handy. Should you send out your dog into the lawn, it is another story. Keep your eye on Fido, and either go out to the lawn with him or phone him to come in when he is “done his organization.” Maintain the dog pen or lawn area really clean. When there’s no waste product, he can not consume it.


A puppy who’s lacking something in his diet or whose diet includes foods that he cannot fully digest may begin eating feces. Hey, you can not blame him for attempting to satisfy his nutritional needs, even in the event that you believe that it’s a disgusting means to do it. Feed your dog an extremely digestible diet. If the food you give him includes a great deal of grain in it, then replace it with a primarily low-carb diet. This type of diet also will create a lesser quantity of stool. Consult your vet for recommendations to get a pet food which will not have your dog longing for poop.


Some nutritional supplements or meals added to a dog’s diet may make the consequent stool taste horrible to him. The enzymes in fresh pineapple alter the flavor of stool so dogs will not eat them. Pumpkin and anise seeds can also do just fine. Nutritional supplements can be found in pet food shops which you could increase your pet’s food to help finish your habit.

Fixing the Feces

You could try placing some bad-tasting material, like hot sauce, even on the puppy rabbits. The notion is that the puppy eats the poop and it tastes so dreadful he will quit doing it. You can try this process, however it means that you are not picking up the droppings straight away, that’s the top means of both preventing coprophagia and maintaining your yard clean. You also would need to do so consistently, so running around with a bottle of tabasco sauce and pouring it on poop. Suggestion: Try different remedies first.


The ASPCA recommends having a remote punishment apparatus, including an air horn or even remote-controlled collar which releases pressurized atmosphere or citronella, to connect an unpleasant encounter with feces-consumption. Should you attempt the collar, then allow the dog wear it for a few weeks prior to using it, so that he does not connect his collar with punishment. Covertly observe your puppy. The minute he opens his mouth to sample, trigger the device. Your pet should startle and overlook the heap. You’ll need to do so without fail whenever he attempts to gratify, until he reliably prevents feces. This means being prepared whenever he is out. You can not use the procedure if you leash-walk your own Puppy for potty breaks, but then you should not need it.

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